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Four Rabbis and One Mexican-American Muslim in Capital Hill

Four Rabbis and One Mexican-American Muslim in Capital Hill

by | May 10, 2017

I don’t know where and how to begin articulating the stories behind all the pictures I was a part of or took myself during last week’s, 3rd Annual Muslim Advocacy Day on Capital Hill in Washington, DC on May 1-2 2017. Let me begin by saying that #MuslimHillDay was truly an amazing experience from beginning to end. Which in my personal humble opinion everyone (young, old, brown, yellow, black, white, green, blue in other words WE THE PEOPLE) should experience it at least once in our lifetime. I was fortunate to bring along my 12 year old son Andrew. Since the age of 3 he has expressed to me his aspiration of becoming a doctor someday. Well, by the second advocacy day he had posted on his instagram his new career goal. [See pic]

 From my understanding numbers has been increasing each year and 2017 was no exception, Alhamdulillah. We were about 430 + delegates from over 30 states representing 27 different organizations under the umbrella of USCMO. The turn out was great but I must say it lacked diversity which can only be changed when we unite and work together.

Allah tells us very clearly: “O mankind, indeed We have created you from male and female and made you peoples and tribes that you may know one another. Indeed, the most noble of you in the sight of Allah is the most righteous of you. Indeed, Allah is Knowing and Acquainted.”  chapter 49 (sūrat l-ḥujurāt) verse 13.

We must continue to push, participate and ultimately be the voice for the voiceless. I highly encourage everyone to make their intention, start saving and get ready for 2018, it’s totally worth it, mashaAllah.
Anyway, this entire experience confirmed why I am where I am. I love meeting people and so I have decided to make it my personal mission to get to know or at least try to meet one person where ever I go. First thing that comes to mind is, Is this possible? Well, certainly, we interact and meet people every single day. Unless, one is not able to go out. Then, we need to go out, find them and meet them.

There are many convalescent homes, streets, shelters, hospitals with people who we need to surround ourselves with. People that will make us come to our senses allowing us to reflect and ponder on the millions of blessings our Creator bestows upon us with every breath we take.

So, going back to why I am keeping track of who I meet. I thought to myself, “will you always remember these stories?” The answer was clear and the solution on the tips of my fingers. I decided that I should somehow document them to always have some type of memories and records of all these lovely meet-ups. And so I found it convenient to start my blog and continue utilizing my social media outlets.
Yes, let me share with all of you that I have started my very own blog, back in my time we called it a website ?.

One of the main reason why I decided to embark this blog endeavor was because every time I have decided to open up by contributing with an interview or write an article on a specific topic such as Breaking Stereotypes: Living as a Muslim Latina Single Mom, it is followed with a wave of beautiful inbox messages, emails, texts and calls. I also received messages crying for hope, asking for advice, others need to be reminded that we will all be tested that it will eventually pass and others just need someone and Allah sends them my way. You know something, the more I interact with these Sisters going through similar situations I went through, the more I see a need to speak out about varies issues that are often swept under the carpet. I will continue writing my eternal book, in the meantime this new platform my blog will enable you, the reader, to get to know me your sister in Humanity. I will touch upon real deep personal life experiences, the lessons I learned, the mistakes I’ve made and how I have rectified them or currently working on and finally moving forward without the extra baggage we unconsciously carry around many times our entire lives.

I am new at this blogging deal but super excited therefore I ask for patience, constructive advice is always welcomed but be gentle as you would want others to be with you. I find this platform as a window to the world where anyone and everyone can be part of by using the following hashtags #HumansMakingAmericaGreatAgain and #HumansMakingTheWorldGreatAgain.

We the people are the ones that can make this a better place for generations to come, in shaa Allah.  When you get a minute, please check out my blog, by visiting  Please make sure to let me know what you would like to see and read more of, your suggestions and support is vital and appreciated.  Don’t forget that your comments make me smile…?

So, there you have it, in a nut shell, the reason as to why you have been seeing and reading these walking dawah stories on my social media. I hope you are enjoying these stories as much as I am. I love meeting people, that is my calling, to spread Islam every single day of my life and not necessarily with a brochure or cd in hand. I am seriously having an Oprah Winfrey ahhh moment. I hope to meet her one day in shaa Allah.

4 Rabbis and I
I was waiting on Andrew, when I spot a Rabbi who so happened to be a woman. I had never taken a picture with one before. Therefore, I proceeded to ask her for a selfie and she seemed a bit shocked that I wanted a picture with her specifically. Anyway, within seconds I had 3 women Rabbis and a male taking a photo with the only Mexican-American Muslim in the room and possibly in the building. A picture that truly speaks a thousand words, words that I pray turn into actions, peace and justice for all.

Now, a little over a week later I think to myself, if I wouldn’t had asked for that selfie I most probably wouldn’t have lived this experience. For the longest time I’ve been advocating the practice of walking dawah, it does not require much other than bringing out the best in you with the people you surround yourself with where ever you go. In my upcoming blogs you will see how easy it is to strike a conversation about anything with just about anyone. And by the way I am not talking about handing out overwhelming book or even mentioning ones beliefs by all means. We truly need to start focusing on our similarities vs our differences. We have more in common among one another, for example Muslims and Reform Jews lobbying on the same day in Capital Hill. It’s just a matter of truly getting to know one another.

 For years now I have worked with Christians, Jews and many other religious group on varies interfaith dialog, events, conventions and conferences. I am truly looking forward on working with Rabbi Matt Cutlet and his congregation, in shaa Allah = God willing.

Okay, a couple of things I walked away with…

  • Confidence is key and what I mean by this, is it can be scary at times to be the only different looking individual in the room, without a doubt. But if one works on it’s confidence you will be able to carry yourself with full conviction.
  • Follow your heart, often times we get this gut feeling to do something out of the ordinary but end up not doing it and regretting forever more. I knew immediately upon spotting the woman Rabbi, I wanted a selfie with her and I ran with it. I am so glad I did otherwise, I would be regretting and wishing I did.

Last but not least, remember to be yourself and always wear your best smile!

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