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Ramadan from the eye of a Hafidh?

Ramadan from the eye of a Hafidh?

by | May 24, 2017

Protect the Huffadh


by Hafidh Hamza Ghia

When you hear someone having an issue with a Hafidh leading at your masjid or a Huffadh making too many mistakes speak up and defend them. Any who leads taraweeh can tell you how much effort and time it takes to get yourself prepared for leading. It doesn’t matter if your leading in the biggest of masjid with thousands of people or in your own home. The struggle is real. Especially for those who are new and don’t have much experience. I am blessed to have many students lead at different places, and I myself can testify when I first started leading how nerve breaking, and stressful it was. One kid who is leading just two rakahs, maybe 2 to 3 pages, recites those pages approximately 30 to 40 times. That is equivalent to almost 4 Juz. Imagine if they’re reciting half a Juz. They are reading non stop throughout the day and night to perfect those pages. Between prayers, while they’re laying down, during iftaar, after iftaar, before taraweeh, and even after taraweeh.

So, before you have the thought of telling off a reciter, ask yourself how much Quran do you read, and consider how much effort it takes to get up there and recite. The last thing the reciter needs is someone to dos motivate them enough for them to leave the Quran. I promise you no one walks on that Musalla saying, let me screw up today and just make mistakes for the heck of it. 
Basic principle in life that is always learned, if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say it at all. If something is constantly bothering you, then talk to the person with a clean heart and nice words that can encourage them to improve. 
Definitely don’t start creating issues because you had a bad experience or your just not pleased. A brother came yelling and screaming because one student made several mistakes. He didn’t even give me the chance to speak. He said I have no heart for those who are standing in the back and should not have the student lead anymore. By the way, this was just an off day for him, not an everyday thing. Another brother came and said, seems like he had a bad day like Steph Curry did in the finals. Insha Allah he will come back stronger and better. To the first brother, please go Check yourself. If you think you know what it takes step up one day and lead. To the second brother, you are management material. We need more elders like you along with your duas. Too everyone reading this post, if you hear anything, explain to that person what it’s like to be in the shoe of one leading all Ramadan and have some mercy. To all my Huffadh friends and family leading all over. Keep up the good work, and put forth your 100%. Mistakes are meant to happen, it’s just away for us to stay humble.
May Allah accept and make us from the people of the Quran. May He allow us to understand it and implement its verses in our lives. Ameen.

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