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Ramadan 4 ALL – Fast in Solidarity!

Ramadan 4 ALL – Fast in Solidarity!

by | May 26, 2017

I am Fasting in Solidarity of my Muslim Brothers and Sisters around the Globe! 



On the night of May 24 th, 2017, I wrote a Facebook status about two of my non-Muslim colleagues deciding to fast all 30 days during the holy month of Ramadan. While having that conversation, I may have been more enthused than they were, combined. With all the hate being spread so quickly lately, my only intention was to share my positive experiences as the blessed month was fast approaching. As likes began to rise on the status, and comments were posted, I realized other people were just as inspired by this sentiment as I was. And that feeling of warmth continued to spread all over me.

The next morning as I was checking my phone, I had received a message from Nahela Morales. Nahela Morales is a revert, Mexican American Muslim, Da’iya, Humanitarian, Public Speaker, Activist and  for me, an awesome blogger/Social Media presence who happens to reside in my current city – Houston, Texas. She told me to call her immediately as she had a project in mind that she wanted to work on with me. I was running late for work and told her it wasn’t the best time, and that I’d reach out later. She replied, “I only need 5 minutes!” So, I decided to call after I dropped my daughter off at school; and I’m glad I did. With enthusiasm in her tone, Nahela said to me “I saw your status last night, I have been having similar experiences recently when I travel, and was wondering if you’d like to participate in this project with me?” So of course, I asked for more detail. She said she wanted to host an initiative inviting people of other faiths to “fast in Solidarity” with Muslims. After quickly going over the specifics, not only was I eager to assist, but honored as well. Here comes the catch, I’d have to write an article, and petition a graphic designer to create the flyer for this event/initiative by end of day.

Without hesitation, I started reaching out to designers I knew, and came across someone I had recently become acquainted with via Instagram – Aisha La’Don. She is an amazing Creative Director, and owner of Legacy Designs Studio based in Sacramento, California. Honestly, I had reservations about asking anyone to assist with this project at the last minute, on the drop of a dime, and without compensation. But, with the intentions Nahela and I had, Aisha’s, “sure, I will do it, as long as I can use it in my portfolio. Email me the details,” came as no surprise, rather a big sigh of gratitude.

Needless to say – after a hectic day at work, getting my daughter from school, running errands, and questioning if I had signed up for too much. We have collectively arrived at our destination, in less than 24 hours and we invite you ALL to join us,  this Ramadan. –  The Artist BeeTrue

For more information about the #HumansMakingTheWorldGreatAgain movement please visit our event page on Facebook!

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