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Jewish, Christian and Muslim Women COEXISTING under the same Roof!!!

Jewish, Christian and Muslim Women COEXISTING under the same Roof!!!

by | August 24, 2017

Who are the Dallas Daughters of Abraham?


A couple weeks ago, I finally had the pleasure and honor of attending my first Daughters of Abraham monthly meeting. As I drove to the venue I was eager and honestly felt deep in my heart that this event was going be something special, something very good, just the thought of women from varies faiths coming together to dialog spoke loud and clear. But never in a million years did I ever expect what ended up taking place that night to be as extraordinary as it was, masha’Allah. Upon entering the room I was happy and relief to see a few familiar face and even more so, I was truly ecstatic to meet many new ones; my Jewish and Christian Sisters, Daughter of Abraham. I have always had a passion for outreach, interfaith and justice. And so at that point, I understood my comfort level and felt right at home, Alhamdulillah.

That night’s topic was:
“The Concept of God’s Will.”
It was wonderful to finally sit at a round table full of women from different walks of life, religion, ethnicity, colors, who spoke varies languages addressing each other with love, respect, compassion and Abrahamic manners. It was a dream come true all under the same roof, Allahu Akbar. (God Is Great)

By the way these meetings take place once a month, always at a difference house of worship. This most recent meeting took place at a Muslim venue in Richardson, Texas. Many of the Christian daughters (women) wore the head covering (hijab) out of love and respect. Some also stayed behind to observe one of our prayers (maghrib), they asked questions and the dialog continued. Our next meeting will take place at a church and the following after that at a Jewish temple (synagogue) in shaa Allah. (God willing). These meeting are not new, they have been taking place for approximately 5 years. There are a few rules, which everyone follows and thanks to these wonderful 13 house rules the meetings are and have been very prosperous and successful, masha’Allah. Here is a glimpse of few of those rules, which in my opinion should be followed by every human being…

Dallas Daughters of Abraham
Language of Interfaith
Parameters for Interfaith Discussions

1) We agree to use a respectful tone of voice when addressing each other
2) We agree to assume nonjudgemental attitude towards those who are different from us, and to not make generalizations.
4) We agree to treat all with kindness.
5) We agree to ask questions, with respect and genuine curiosity.
6) We agree to use”I” statements and talk about our own experiences and beliefs.
7) We agree to take turns in speaking; to not monopolize the conversation; and to allow everyone a chance to speak.
8) We agree not to cross-talk with others when someone is speaking.
9. We agree not to interrupt when someone is speaking.
10.) We agree that if correction is needed, we will do it gently and respectfully.
11.) We agree to remain open to learning something new.
12.) We agree to accept that no one has all the answers; to realize it’s always possible I could be wrong.
13.) We agree to remember we’re not debating; we’re trying to understand each other.

And finally, after each gathering before we part ways, the following beautiful shared prayer is said out loud by all attendees:

Our God, the soul that you have implanted within us is pure. You created and formed it, breathed it into us, and sustain it each and every day. So long as we have life, we will be grateful to you, Adonai/God/Allah, our God and the God of our mother and father, Creator of all life, Sustainer of every human spirit. Blessed are you, Adonai/God/Allah, in whose hands are the souls of all life and the spirits of all flesh. 

Whoever insists that we can not coexist, love one another, respect one another and or have a fruitful dialog, should join us and take a look for themselves. Personally, I am looking forward to the next of many more meetings with my beautiful, humble, compassionate, loving Sisters, in shaa Allah. (God wiling)

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