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Why I believe it’s a Critical time for the Rise of both Muslim and Female Writers?

Why I believe it’s a Critical time for the Rise of both Muslim and Female Writers?

by | November 2, 2017

We Must Change the Narrative by Breaking the Silence…


Stories in the Attic: Unleashing the Treasures Within

My blindfold about Islam and Muslims came down very rapidly when I took it upon myself to “READ”. I didn’t allow myself to be fed false propaganda about a religion I knew nothing about. It was then, that, I became extremely fascinated to learn about the fact that this was also the first command to our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) by the Almighty. He was instructed to READ in the name of his Lord.

So, early on I learned it was vital and an obligation upon us Muslims to seek knowledge. And so, I read and read and after so many books including the Qur’an I knew in my heart that Islam was for me. But it wasn’t until I came across all the rights Islam brought to women that things became crystal clear and began to make even more sense. Again, it took lots of reading to get to this point to eventually take the leap of faith and embrace Islam as my new way of life.

With that said, it is critical for us Muslim women to amplify our voice with our pens like never before. Our narrative must change but only through our lense, our history, our stories, our experiences and with our voice.

On October 21, 2017 I was blessed and honored to participate by speaking about Facets of Me: Entwining Cultural Heritage, National Pride, and the Muslim Identity at the Third Annual Daybreak Press Muslim Women’s Literary Conference hosted by Rabata, Sisters Committee of ISGH (Islamic Society of Greater Houston) and the Islamic Da’wah Center one of my favorite Islamic Centers in Houston, Texas by the way. It takes efforts and events like this, where we come to a realization and conclusion that silence is no longer an option, we must be the voice for the VOICELESS, hope for the hopeless, nour (light) for those in the darkness, inspiration for upcoming generations and those who come after us, bi’ithnillah (by Allah’s will).

Picture taken during my presentation on Facets of Me: Entwining Cultural Heritage, National Pride, and the Muslim Identity

During the conference and right before my presentation, I finally had the opportunity to meet Selena in person at the #MWLC2017. She had reached out to me a few months prior after the Islamic Da’wah Center provided my contact information to her. We spoke several times on the phone, discussed tawheed (the oneness of God), went over the 5 pillars and 6 articles of faith. Our conversations transported me to my own quest, I saw myself in her every time we spoke. These conversations gave me the opportunity to reflect and acknowledged once again, that not so long ago, I was once in her shoes, full of questions and doubts, looking for answers, on a far more desperate spiritual journey. At that point I felt it in my heart that she would eventually embrace Islam, I prayed for her guidance. Anyway, during one of our conversations she expressed to me that one of her biggest fears was facing her family. My advice to her early on was to simply read, read and read. I stressed to her the importance of drenching herself in understanding of the faith as much as possible, without overwhelming herself prior to making any final decisions. And I am happy to say she did, Alhamdulillah (Praise to God).

At the conference she expressed her desire to embrace Islam but was not sure when was the right time, subhanAllah (Glory be to God). My eyes got watery, she went on to thank me and others that were at the table. I then explained to her that we did absolutely nothing other than what is ordain to us which is to deliver the message, Allah (God) always takes care of the rest. So, after clarifying a few more questions and concerns, she voiced loud and clear to me right before my presentation that she was more than ready to accept Islam as her way of life. I went on to encourage her to take her Shahada (testimony of faith) at this event since she felt at peace, safe and comfortable to be surrounded by so many women who in a matter of minutes would become her Sisters in faith. We surprise the crowd when I announce her decision and proceed with her Shahada (testimony of faith) after my presentation in both languages, her native Spanish with me and in Arabic with Anse Tamara Gray who is also a convert and founder of Rabata, ALLAH AKBAR (God is Great)!

Ya Allah grant us a soul that is sound, a heart that is content, a mind that is clear, faith that is unshakable, and rid us of any doubts and confusion of this dunya (life), ameen.


Selena embracing Islam by taking her Shahada (testimony of faith) in Spanish with me and in Arabic with Anse Tamara Gray


Something to take away…

With knowledge, one finds understanding. With understanding, one finds acceptance. With acceptance one frequently finds friends (Sisters)…” #StrongWomenEmpowerEachOther #ChangingTheNarrative 

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