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Mexican Muslims start the New Year in Colombia

Mexican Muslims start the New Year in Colombia

by | December 31, 2017

A year ago today all this happened…


An Adventurous, Memorable, Unforgettable trip, for SURE!

Our 2017 began at the El Dorado International airport in Bogota, Colombia. We were traveling back home after spending a few days with friends and family in Colombia. We had the opportunity relax and enjoy Allah’s creation to the fullest, Alhamdulillah. We were able to visit a couple cities which again consisted of fun but most importantly worship. While in Cartagena we enjoyed the sand, the ocean, our children playing, we drank fresh coconut water and enjoyed delicious homemade food.

Playa De La Boquilla, Cartagena Colombia

After a few days of fun we headed back to Barranquilla where this trip initially started. I was eager to go back because it was Friday and we were on our way to Mezquita Othman Ben Affan Centro Islamico. One of the things I look forward to the most when traveling is meeting new communities and masjids. The following day, our trip came to an end and off we were to capital of the country.

Mezquita Othman Ben Affan Centro Islamico, Barranquilla, Colombia 

It was our first time traveling during the holiday season therefore we were not aware of the frenzy that takes place at the airport during this time of year. Once in the capital we attempted to go home by taking our next flight to Miami and eventually back to Houston where we lived at the time. Well that didn’t go as planned, we missed our flight, which allowed us to explore Bogota Colombia for one whole day, masha’Allah.

Santuario de Monserrate in Bogota, Colombia


One of the beauties of our religion is having family everywhere we go and Bogota was no exception. I reached out to a few Sisters but unfortunately due to short notice they were not able to meet us. I continue down my list and came across a dear Sister of us whom we met back in Spring of 2015 the first time we visited this beautiful city. We also spent a month with her in Cairo Egypt that same year during the summer. Sister Maryam was free and eager to show us around, Alhamdulillah. This short one day trip in Bogota allowed us to appreciate this beautiful country on a whole different level. The following day we continued with our journey home, next stop was Miami, Florida.

Las Calles de Bogota, Colombia


Once on the air, every time the captain announces to us to prepare for arrival, I literally have to prepare physically, mentally and spiritually specially when flying international.

On Cloud 9… 


We plan but Allah subhana wa ta’ala is the best of planners…
With that said, it took 2 unplanned plane rides which enabled us to miss our connecting flight in Miami. As a result of that we automatically became standbys. From then on wards we played the waiting game for hours which turned into days. After arriving in good old USA I was once again “randomly selected” and was put through a serious thrall SSSS inspection like never before hmmmm I wonder why? let’s see hijabi + Muslim coming from Colombia, yeah that must of triggered it this time, NOT! There is no such thing as randomly selected in my book anymore because it happens always.

Miami, Florida International Airport USA 


The airport’s madness continued when the Immigration system went out at the Miami airport and over 6,000 passengers went in sane in a matter of minutes, not knowing if they would make their flights putting 90% of them in a frenzy. After patiently waiting all day Monday to make it on ANY flight heading to Texas (Austin, Dallas, San Antonio or Houston) and not succeeding and spending the night at the airport. On Tuesday morning I once again attempted to make it on 2 Dallas bound flights before I finally bravely decided to embark on a unplanned, unexpected, memorable 17 + road trip which turned into a 20 hour drive from Miami to Houston all in one shot  5 states, 2 time zones, rain, fog, a couple 30 minute power naps, awesome friends who kept me awake during this long haul (you all know who you are), perseverancepatience, tawakkul and the best co-pilot in the world who kept me entertained for the most part my one and only, my Leech aka Andrew. We eventually made it HOME, Alhamdulillah!!!!

Every journey we embark on, there is always something valuable to learn or walk away with and for that I am truly grateful. I love to Travel  just as much as I love staying home. And this year we are happy to be home warm, safe and sound. Happy New Year y’all!


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