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What Does My Hijab (Veil) Mean To Me?

What Does My Hijab (Veil) Mean To Me?

by | April 1, 2017

My hijab is so much more than “just” a piece of cloth on my head…
My hijab screams loud and clear I am Muslim and my faith is Islam. It’s my suit of armour, it protect me and gives me strength. It’s a constant reminder of my obedience towards my Creator Allah subhna wa taa’la.
Many assume that my hijab oppresses me when in reality it empowers me, it liberates me from todays dictations from society on how am suppose to look. My hijab is my crown and my abaya is my gown. I’m a walking queen who no one gets to see unless I give them permission. The greatest feeling about wearing hijab apart from pleasing my Lord, when I wear it I feel protected I have the power to let people see what I want them to see. I am in full control Alhamdulillah!

As a revert, one of the hardest challenges for me was understanding the true meaning of hijab. Even though I grew up admiring the virgin of Guadalupe/Virgen Mary with her veil, it was still a bit difficult accepting this dramatic change. I am truly grateful that after tons of dua and varies trials at an early stage of my conversion I decided to wear and completely embrace my hijab with respect, determination and full conviction Alhamdulillah!

Once I made this life changing decision many people automatically assumed perfection and opted to have certain expectations as if hijab alone will grant us a golden ticket to Jannah (paradise). Well, we all know that this is not the case. It’s all about our intention, submission and understanding why we do the things we do. Something to always keep in mind is that Allah subhana wa taa’la has given all of us free will. We have been given the option to choose and will be held accountable for our choices, our decisions and our actions. At the end of the day, it’s not only our choice but our right.

Moreover, my dear Sisters let’s never forget where we came from and how difficult our process and growth has been. Often times we neglect to show compassion towards our new Sisters or women who are looking into our way of life. And so instead of conveying the message of tawhid we bombard them with halal and harm. Let’s take baby steps with our new queens, let’s not fall short and make the same mistakes over and over. It’s time to encourage one another other, empower each other, be nice, kind and stay united. Islam is perfect, it does not need modifications, it’s easy. We need to stop making it hard for ourselves and others bi’ithnillah.

Now, are you asking yourself how or where do I begin? Whatever your answer may be please remember that hijab is also an act of worship. Previously I stated that we are blessed from Allah for giving us free will therefore hijab is your ultimate choice free of compulsion. May Almighty make it easy for everyone reading this Ameen.

First, let’s make sure we understand why we want to wear the hijab (veil), once that has been checked off, then we must make our intention, now our intention should be solely for the pleasure of our Creator and not His creation. Once we do this, you will see that it’s not as difficult as it seems. We need stop questioning His revelation, He is the All-knowing, remember. Go on wear it with dignity and pride!

Last but not least Sisters, please do not question your beauty, don’t let yourselves be influenced by the absurd standards society has painted for us nowadays. We are Allah’s creation therefore we are beautiful.

Allahu Akbar! Alhamdulillah! Masha’Allah!

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