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My Journey to Islam.

My Journey to Islam.

by | April 2, 2017

I was not Muslim when 9/11 happened, it had only been 3 short months since I had moved from California to the suburbs of New York, Westchester county to be exact. I remember this day like it was yesterday and every single year I re-live this inhumane tragedy, let me tell you why…

I am Mexican American, I was born on September twelve in Mexico city and move to California a the tender age of 4 years old. On 9/11 at about 7ish AM I was preparing a small luggage to head out to the city (New York City). I had huge plans for my birthday that year. I was supposed to go check-in at the Marriott Marquis on 9/11, this hotel is located in the heart of Time Square. I wanted to start celebrating at midnight and I wanted to be able to wake up in the Big Apple on my actual birthday 9/12. Instead, I sat on my bed laid my head down on a pillow and before I knew it I felt asleep with the TV on. As my subconscious heard the news I woke up suddenly to a tragedy that would not only change my life but that would change the world forever.

As I was trying to call my family back in California to inform them I was okay. I stopped in the middle and started to cry realizing I could have been dead that morning. My train, the train that was supposed to take me to NYC for my big birthday celebration as I called it was the 1 or the 9 that actually went under the Twin Towers. I realized God’s plan for me was larger than I could ever imagine, I felt asleep. I also remember in the mist of my moment of reflection I heard on the television that we were under attack and short after I heard ALLAH AKBAR and the anchor confirmed that the attackers were Muslims.
I was raised in the US, therefore, I consider myself part of this country and consider it just as mine as someone born here. I remember anger began taking over me I wanted to find out who these Muslims were. In the days to follow New York and this horrible tragedy became the subject of conversations everywhere, I went whether it was at the supermarket or on the train. My anger built-up and I eventually decided to purchase a Quran the holy book of the Muslims. I wanted to find out for myself who they were and what was their motive.

To my surprise, I found nothing but sentences filled with hope, mercy, love and the best part of this book it was very easy to understand, unlike the Bible. I always felt lost when I attempted to read my own book. In the Quran, I found stories that enabled me to comprehend my sole purpose in life. It wasn’t the easiest decision but I can tell you it was the best decision I have ever made for myself but most importantly for my son who at the time was only a couple years old. It took several years of studying, visiting a mosque and making changes in my life as it is written in the Quran, “Allah does not change a people’s condition unless they change what is in their hearts…” [13:11] I embraced Islam as my way of life one last day of Ramadan several years ago, Alhamdulillah!
9/11 was a tragedy without a doubt and I truly wished it would have never happened and just like it exposed the entire world to Islam in so many ways, it changed my life forever. I encourage those of you who are not Muslim reading this to please ask, don’t let another day go by without asking, get your questions answered by practicing Muslims. Let me emphasize what I mean by this. The Quran teaches us, “Whoever kills ONE innocent human being it is as if he has killed the entire human race…” [5:32].
The people who committed these acts were not part of the faith I practice today. On 9/11 Islam was also high-jacked by these individuals please keep this in mind. Moreover, take the time to do your own research, unfortunately, the media’s agenda is just to get the news out it doesn’t matter what type of news whether it is based on assumptions or speculations they just need something on the air at six o’clock.Remember Muslims are not a race we are your neighbours, your doctors, your friends and we come from all walks of life. Some are born into this beautiful way of life and others like myself have been guided and have made the choice to convert. We are from all over the world with unique stories, we have feelings and worries just like any other human being. You and I are humans and we are intellectual creatures, I ask you all to seek the truth for yourself because at the end of the day we all come from two sources Adam and Eve who were created by our Creator Allah subhna wa taa’la, the Creator of the heavens and the earth and everything in it. We are all brothers and sisters in humanity!I would like to end with this, Islam means peace and for the last several years I have been blessed to experience and live in peace. The type of peace many of you have been searching for, inner peace. Today, I am at peace with myself practicing my faith to the best of my ability and teaching it to my son Andrew. I thank my Lord every single day for giving me a second chance in this life and I pray for His pleasure as I worship Him 5 times a day everyday. Ultimately seeking for a special place in the Hereafter, if He wills.

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