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Peace out FEAR, Hello SUNNAH!

Peace out FEAR, Hello SUNNAH!

by | February 1, 2018

Working on one of my biggest fears…



We don’t choose our families, but we choose our friends who eventually become part of our family. They are God’s gift to us, as we are to them.

Re-Evaluating Friendships from time to time is a healthy habit to create. It should become top priority when we begin questioning friends who do not mirror our happiness or when we begin to see unhealthy patterns that do not resonate to what we hoped for that friendship to be or grow into. And in today’s world, I strongly believe this applies to both physically or virtually because often time we invest equal amount of time in these relationships.

Food for thought…

Did y’all know that horse riding is an almost forgotten sunnah of our Prophet.

Our beloved Prophet ﷺ said “Teach your children swimming, archery and horse riding”. – [Muslim]

We have been truly blessed to learn about these almost forgotten sunnahs, practice them and acquire appreciation and love for them, Alhamdulillah!

“Whoever revives my Sunnah then he has loved me. And whoever loved me, he shall be with me in Paradise.” [Tirmidhi]


I wish I can say it was easier the second time around, it wasn’t. Unfortunately the same anxiety and nervousness built up before we arrived. Once we arrived and got our horses assigned, I noticed I didn’t get the same horse Crash but Andrew my son got Penny again. I was given Shelby instead, she is a beautiful brown horse that works with special needs kids. She was great but I was not. This time around I had a moment, I broke down, I cried and my son was a bit confused lol. He just can not comprehend my childhood trauma with horses but he is always very supportive, encouraging and I truly appreciate him. I have faith that I will get rid of my fear in due time, in shaa Allah.

The slightest touch could say a thousand words…


My trainer Chris, has been compassionate and extremely sympathetic to my phobia since I mentioned it to him during my first visit. He has also been very encouraging and patient, masha’Allah. He said something that will keep me going back for sure”the key here is not giving up, that is not an option, you got this.” So true, I couldn’t agree more. I think it’s time to go shopping for a cowgirl hat & boots what do y’all think?

Now that I feel a bit more at ease I can honestly say that I am looking forward to our next visit and will continue praying for success to conquer this fear in order to move on to my next one. I hope that this article and my openness of my fear, something that was very personal and private to me, helps those reading it. The end goal here is for us to let go, work on and strive to conquer and reach our goals this 2018. Let’s check off our goals, accomplishments and fears one by one together!

I am not a Muslim if I do not love and respect Jesus (peace be upon Him). 


On a different note my shirt, “I can NOT be Muslim if I don’t love Jesus” sparked several conversations during our second visit and once again I had the opportunity to spread seeds along the way by clearing up misconceptions and sharing our beautiful, peaceful faith with others, Alhamdulillah!

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